Great Christmas Gifts for Your Dog

I’ll admit that I’m lazy when it comes to Christmas gift-giving. I’m known for last-minute Target purchases and in the past have just tied a bow around something I got from my own closet. But this year, I’ve decided to get a head start on the holiday. I knew this wouldn’t be too hard because family and friends are always able to tell me exactly what they want. However, I soon realized the biggest issue is finding a gift for my furry companion. So, I did some research. Follow along for my top gift ideas for your dog, who deserves only the best this Christmas.

A bed
Cost: $10,107.99

Because even though he has 5 of them, he still feels the need to either sleep on the sofa, floor or take up the majority of yours. This one is unnecessarily expensive and shaped like a shoe.

A hat he will wear once for a #dogsofinstagram photo
Cost: $18.90
Invest $18.90 of your hard-earned money into this hat your dog will wear once for a photo, and rip off seconds later. You may be thinking that $18.90 is pricey for one dog hat. But you can’t put a price on Instagram fame.

Ooooo la la.

A bag of old shoes
Cost: $10 (if you have a bunch of old shoes, $0)

Speaking of shoes, there’s nothing they love to destroy more. No need to invest in expensive Elk antler bones when Goodwill is having a post-Black Friday sale.

A PooTrap bag
Cost: $12.99

Because picking up your dog’s poop is just too damn hard.

A DVD copy of Beverly Hills Chihuahua
Cost: $8.99

For the nights when you’re out late and your dog wants a better source of entertainment. Sometimes barking at joggers gets boring.

A silent vacuum cleaner
Cost: $169.79

Give them the gift of putting their mortal enemy to rest this Christmas. Brand new vacuum for you, and a lack of a need to incessantly bark for them…a present for both really.

Dog cologne
Cost: $55.00
Because no one can know your dog smells like a dog.

A DVD copy of Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2
Cost: $6.89

And Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3. AND Beverly Hills Chihuahua 4. Yes, they keep making these things. Here is the copy at Walmart.

A 3-month BarkBox subscription
Cost: $89.00

Because nothing says “the season of giving” like spending more money on your dog than your Mom, Dad, and boyfriend combined.

Dress up as the mailman and let him bark at you for 30 minutes straight
Cost: Priceless

Or dress up as a loud vacuum cleaner. Either way, he’ll enjoy barking at you for a long time.

He’s soooo happy.

Unfortunately, the list ends here as I’ve run out of non-Beverly Hills Chihuahua franchise-related ideas. But thank you for following along and good luck finding the perfect gift for your dog this Christmas season. Even if it may not be a $10,000 shoe-shaped bed. Lex and I wish you happy searching!


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