Dog-Related Questions That Google Can’t Answer, But a Dog Can

If you came to The Ruffington Post for solid dependable dog-related advice, you’ve come to the wrong place. It’s no secret that my owner, and creator of this blog, is no expert. Our blog can definitely not promise that credible opinion you may be looking for. But, we can promise another opinion, the one that is most credible of all: the opinion of a Dog. 

That’s right. Our blog has one thing you can’t find anywhere else. And with over 5 years of being one, this Dog knows what he’s talking about. Across these five years, It’s come to my attention that our owners may have many questions that cannot be answered by Google, Dog Blogs or even a Vet. So, I’ve decided to do the human community a favor and address some of the many mysteries of dogs. Although I can’t speak for everydog, I believe my responses may shed light on the greater dog experience.

Below are a few common questions I came across while skimming Google, reading Dog Blogs and eavesdropping on my owner’s everyday conversations, as the average dog does. 

1. What does my dog do when I leave them home alone?

Ah, the age-old burning question. Humans always wonder if we’re doing something magically mind blowing while they’re out of the house. And I’m here to tell you that what we do while you’re there is exactly what we do while you’re gone. I’m not sipping Chardonnay and practicing my oil painting. The cycles is sleep, chew bone, stare out the window, lick butt, repeat.

2. Why does my dog cry when I leave the house?

These are happy tears. I can now lick my butt in peace. 

3. Does my dog understand what I’m saying?

Unfortunately, yes, to some extent.

4. Are dogs self aware?

I don’t know about that. All I know is that there is a small brown creature always staring at me through the magic glass.

5. Why is my dog surprised when they fart?

Imagine a puff of air escapes the backend of your body out of NOWHERE. If you didn’t see it coming, or the slight sound accompanying it, I’m sure you’d act surprised too.

6. Do dogs have a favorite?

Yes, and if you wanna know who that is, it’s whoever talks the least and gives us the most cheese.

7. Does my dog like the music I play?

No, no, no and no.

8. Does my dog recognize my car?

Well I don’t know the year, make and model of your car but if you pull into the driveway driving it, I’ll have to assume that it is your car.

9. Does my dog know what their name is?

Yes, humans like to come up with many nicknames for us. But we can pretty much figure it out. I mean, I’ll have to assume my actual name is Lex and not squishy, bubby, stinky, smelly, doggy, puppy, or “little shit” as the neighbor calls me.

10. Why do dogs sleep so much?

It is exhausting being a dog. Someone has to bark at joggers all day and if I don’t have the energy to do it, it will never get done.

11. Why do dogs eat everything?

This is false, dogs don’t eat everything. For instance, here are a few things I always keep away from my mouth: carrots, apples, anything green, perfume, lotion, other dogs, peanut butter (why is it so sticky?), beans, bug repellent, grapes, dish detergent, flammable automobile spray, glass, sequins, jewelry, sushi, veggies burgers, Pumpkin pie, cherries, and my own poop. That’s right, I have a very sophisticated palette.

12. Does my dog know I love them?

Ah, yes, we do know you love us. And we love you humans too. Even when you play horrible music, talk a lot, make us write every week for a dog blog with 22 followers, or don’t feed us cheese. We still love you!

That’s all the advice I have for today. If you have any questions that you’re dying to ask a Dog…don’t send them to me. This was headache-inducing. Goodnight.

All in kindness,



Welcome to The Ruffington Post

Welcome to The Ruffington Post, an unconventional dog blog created by Lyla Evans, who has never read a dog blog in her life, and her smarter, more sophisticated dog Lex. If you’re looking for helpful advice, you’ve come to the wrong place. But if you’re looking for some entertainment and a lot of dog puns, then you’ve come to the right place.

A few weeks ago, my sleep was disturbed at 3:00am by an oddly specific nightmare. In the nightmare, I wasn’t being chased by an axe murderer, or cornered by zombies, and I didn’t forget to pay my car payment for the 45th day in a row.

In it, I was a person who intentionally stood in front of tourist-y spots like the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, or any big water fountain in literally any New York City park, and waited there in silence. I found myself lingering around beautiful churches and botanical gardens all around the city, waiting for tourists to ask me to take a photo of them. I would then enthusiastically reply “yes”, because in my ‘nightmare life’, that was the only human interaction I came across. What is normally an inconvenient obligation for me in real life, was a favored hobby of ‘nightmare me’ because of the potential for socialization, which was something I lacked everyday.

Basically, I had a dream that I was going to die alone.

So, of course, this dream made me question every social-related thing in my life. I’ve always been insecure about my difficulty making and keeping friends. And I’ve always envied the sorority girls on Instagram, posting colorful photos of them and their friends in matching tube tops. So perhaps, I thought, this was a sign to call up that friend from four years ago who called me a b*tch? Four years is enough time for people to gain some sense, and I mean, that sounds better than dying alone. Maybe it was time to take on some new hobbies like Soulcycle? Or yoga? Or more realistically, non-exercise related things?

I kept wondering, were there potential spots for socialization that were instead consumed by other tasks? I don’t work too much. I don’t drink too much. I don’t watch Netflix too much. And I definitely don’t study too much. I don’t have many hobbies, so what was it that was consuming my time?

Probably this guy.

I spend a lot of time with my dog. Since his adoption five years ago, he’s seen it all. He’s been with me as I cried over sitcom finales, fought with boyfriends and neglected cleaning my room everyday. And as you can imagine, I’ve been with him through it all too. As a rescue dog with a horribly abusive past, it took Lex a while to trust anyone. But around a week in, he opened up only to me. He told me of his biggest fears, his aspirations, and his long time dream of being a contributing writer for an up and coming WordPress dog blog with a cool dog-pun title. (Okay, the last part didn’t happen but I have to keep the imagination alive). Then, he became my best friend.

Whether or not I am Lex’s best friend is questionable. I mean, do dogs have a favorite? I don’t know. All I know is Lex and I were a match made in heaven. Or a match made via

I don’t know what’s sadder. His almost-euthanasia, 6 month homelessness or the fact that they named him Mink.

There are many beds in the house he could throw up on but he choses mine. And there are many pairs of shoes he could destroy but loves destroying mine the most. He also sleeps in my room (90% of the time) and often cries when I leave him. I know that Lex loves all of us so much, but as a 21-year-old with three friends (one of which who is my Mom), I’d like to think I am his best friend. And if you couldn’t already tell from the fact that I devote quality ‘socializing’, ‘studying’, or ‘soulcycling’ time to a blog about Lex, he is my best friend as well.

So I guess you could say I’m not alone. I do have Lex. And my 22 blog followers. Who are mostly my family members.

But before the infamous Ruffington Post skyrocketed to 22 followers, it was just an assignment for my Blogs, Tweets and Social Media class. I struggled for a while to choose a topic when my professor told us we had to create, and keep up with, full functioning blogs. I thought if I wasn’t an expert on something I couldn’t cover it. But in actuality, my blog doesn’t have to follow the traditional route of a typical dog blog. Because I may not be an expert in dog care, but I am an expert in being obsessed with my dog. Also this is the internet so anything is possible.

Lex and I hope you enjoy the posts we put out every week for The Ruffington Post. And we promise they will be more thrilling than this 950-word justification of my lack of human companions.

Ah…who am I kidding? Lex will continue to critique doggy fashion trends. And I will continue to detail my best-friendship with a dog, which I frame as endearing. And you, will know that deep down it is actually weird as hell.

Thank you for following The Ruffington Post Mom, Dad, Papa, aunts, uncles, random guy following me from a WordPress technology blog, elderly people who can’t see very well and thought they followed the actual Huffington Post, classmates who were required to follow me, cousins, computer-generated bots and grandma.

We hope you stick around.

9 Fantastic Dog Memes of 2019

As we face the end of this year, we are reminded of all the record-breaking things experienced in 2019. This year, the House of Representatives held the most women it ever has, the first actual image of a black hole was released, and recently, Donald Trump became the 3rd U.S. president to face impeachment. Also memes. It has been a year of discovery, resilience, and good memes.

Here are our top 9 favorite dog memes of 2019:










A Dog’s Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

Haiiii, it’s me. You know…the one who peed on you…and your sleigh…and your plastic reindeer friends…sorry about that. But please don’t be mad. I mean, the humans did place you and your crew right in my pee patch. Anyway, this isn’t about that. I’m actually reaching out to you because I need a favor.

It is to my understanding that you have a…list; one that defines people as “naughty” or “nice” based on their behavior this past year. And to be honest…I don’t really understand how a plastic statue in my pee patch has a list that divides billions of people around the globe but I’m trying out this thing where I’m not an asshole, so I’m not going to question it. I guess I shall call it…ugh…Christmas magic. Forgive me, I just puked a little.

Anyway, I’m trying to be nice because I have a feeling that, if you even include canines on your so called “lists”, I am definitely on the naughty one.

After a little look back at my 2019, I realized that I’ve done a few…nasty things. Like, I’ve farted a few times, and let the family blame it on someone else without saying anything. And yeah, I’ve ripped up a few shoes and licked a few plates after people walked away. And I am fully aware that I threatened to destroy the mailman, and his family, a few times. But! I truly am a good boy. I basically do the jobs of three humans, for free. I am security, animal control and a friend for my lonely owner.

Look, I realize this blog doesn’t really help me out, I mean 90% of it is me complaining about the human race, but you have to understand I did it for my owner (and my fans).

Okay…um…do you take bribes? Is that inappropriate to ask? I mean, I don’t have any money but…you like celebrities? I know the guy who plays Sandy in Annie on broadway! And I know the chihuahua from the original Legally Blonde movie. Okay…fine..the alternate for Legally Blonde 2. I forgot that you know everything.

Listen, I can pay you the whole $1,000 my brother spent on new comforters this year. And I’ll fart a lot and tell everyone it was me..I won’t even act surprised when it happens. I will do anything, Santa; because my Christmas wish this year is very important.

You see, my request this year is unlike any other I’ve had. It’s even more important than that abundance of cheese I ask for each year and never get. (Still waiting on that by the way. Your elves must really suck if they don’t know how to build an abundance of cheese). Anyway…back to being nice. To be honest, I don’t want toys, I don’t want treats, and I definitely don’t want my owner to gift me more ugly hats.

Six years ago, I was picked up by Animal Control, wandering Brooklyn as a homeless stray. At only 5 months old, my boney figure and bad case of cherry eye made it clear to them that I was barely getting by. Then, after a stay in their facility for a night, I caught a nasty cold and was excluded from the shelter’s adoption program. I was ultimately put on the path to euthanasia.

Fortunately for me, another rescue saved me before my time was up, and then my family adopted me. I was given a second chance, and without that, I would have never met the most important thing in my life: cheese. And that’s why this year I want an abundance of cheese.

Okay basically I was adopted, it changed my life, blah blah blah, and it kind of made me sad to think that not everydog has a home like I do. Even sadder than that time I realized I couldn’t scratch my butt with my back leg.

This year, I need to be on the nice list, because my Christmas wish is for all of my friends to find a home.

No pressure.

(Oh, that and an abundance of cheese).

Deuces Santa,
Lex the Puggle

Note from Lyla-
We can all admit Lex’s Christmas wish is pretty big. Let’s help him out a little and adopt, don’t shop this year. If you’re thinking about taking a furry companion home this Christmas season, visit your local rescue or shelter. If you’re unsure of any, the internet is here to help! Here are just two of many great search platforms:

And if you’re not looking to adopt but still want to help, here is a great article detailing other ways you can help your local rescue/shelter. And, for those who don’t have too much time on their hands, here is the article we wrote a few months ago on a few great rescues you can support just by following and sharing adoption listings on social media.

Great Christmas Gifts for Your Dog

I’ll admit that I’m lazy when it comes to Christmas gift-giving. I’m known for last-minute Target purchases and in the past have just tied a bow around something I got from my own closet. But this year, I’ve decided to get a head start on the holiday. I knew this wouldn’t be too hard because family and friends are always able to tell me exactly what they want. However, I soon realized the biggest issue is finding a gift for my furry companion. So, I did some research. Follow along for my top gift ideas for your dog, who deserves only the best this Christmas.

A bed
Cost: $10,107.99

Because even though he has 5 of them, he still feels the need to either sleep on the sofa, floor or take up the majority of yours. This one is unnecessarily expensive and shaped like a shoe.

A hat he will wear once for a #dogsofinstagram photo
Cost: $18.90
Invest $18.90 of your hard-earned money into this hat your dog will wear once for a photo, and rip off seconds later. You may be thinking that $18.90 is pricey for one dog hat. But you can’t put a price on Instagram fame.

Ooooo la la.

A bag of old shoes
Cost: $10 (if you have a bunch of old shoes, $0)

Speaking of shoes, there’s nothing they love to destroy more. No need to invest in expensive Elk antler bones when Goodwill is having a post-Black Friday sale.

A PooTrap bag
Cost: $12.99

Because picking up your dog’s poop is just too damn hard.

A DVD copy of Beverly Hills Chihuahua
Cost: $8.99

For the nights when you’re out late and your dog wants a better source of entertainment. Sometimes barking at joggers gets boring.

A silent vacuum cleaner
Cost: $169.79

Give them the gift of putting their mortal enemy to rest this Christmas. Brand new vacuum for you, and a lack of a need to incessantly bark for them…a present for both really.

Dog cologne
Cost: $55.00
Because no one can know your dog smells like a dog.

A DVD copy of Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2
Cost: $6.89

And Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3. AND Beverly Hills Chihuahua 4. Yes, they keep making these things. Here is the copy at Walmart.

A 3-month BarkBox subscription
Cost: $89.00

Because nothing says “the season of giving” like spending more money on your dog than your Mom, Dad, and boyfriend combined.

Dress up as the mailman and let him bark at you for 30 minutes straight
Cost: Priceless

Or dress up as a loud vacuum cleaner. Either way, he’ll enjoy barking at you for a long time.

He’s soooo happy.

Unfortunately, the list ends here as I’ve run out of non-Beverly Hills Chihuahua franchise-related ideas. But thank you for following along and good luck finding the perfect gift for your dog this Christmas season. Even if it may not be a $10,000 shoe-shaped bed. Lex and I wish you happy searching!

Expert Dog Reveals Tips for Obtaining Maximum Food this Thanksgiving

Disclaimer: After reading this post that my dog has written, I would like to add that it does not suggest in any way that a dog’s binge eating of human food is healthy. If anything, it should help us humans identify our dog’s sneaky behavior when they try to get our food.

The season of hideous costumes and pumpkin candles is over.

And the truth is, I’m glad it is. Nothing good comes from this holiday. I feel similar angst Christmas day as every year the radio loves to remind me how horrible Christmas music is. I mean, how many pop artists does it take to cover “All I Want for Christmas is You” until the human race is satisfied? As for New Years Eve, I’m usually asleep. And the Fourth of July plain sucks. I mean, leave it to humans to find enjoyment in and clap after watching colored specs fly in the sky for an hour straight.

Pictured is me thinking about how the endless covers of “All I Want for Christmas is You” still don’t make it a good song.

That’s why I have decided, nothing and I mean nothing will ever top Thanksgiving…aka the holiday made for dogs.

All Halloween night, I watch my family give away perfectly good candy I could’ve had. Perfectly fine sweets that they instead pass on to unfamiliar children, just because they can ring a doorbell. But not this holiday.

This holiday, my family is too busy downing red wine and reconnecting with other family members to notice me, reaching the corner of the dinner table and dipping my tongue into a bowl of Betty Crocker mashed potatoes.

In my five years of living, I have mastered the art of receiving food on Thanksgiving. So, do you wanna know how to maximize your Thanksgiving earnings this year? Follow along for my expert tips which will help you score staple dishes like stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes and of course turkey.

The Eyes

I’m starting with an easy one. We have big eyes for a reason guys. We all know that if you look at a human long enough with your “puppy dog eyes” they are typically overwhelmed by your cuteness, gifting you food in exchange. You may find it difficult to use this skill with the humans in your household, but Thanksgiving guests are suckers. However, if you’re finding it difficult to get food because your owner has been telling guests not to give you food then here’s a secret: go for the Grandma. 


Sometimes the eyes don’t work, which means you’ll have to put in a little more effort. And I’m not talking “sit.” I mean like lie down, jump, maybe even spin. To avoid wasted energy, make sure a guest is actually watching. This tip has worked for me numerous times because, for some reason, humans find it so assuming that dogs too can lie down.

I’m an expert at lying down.

Don’t Bark and Don’t Jump

I can’t express the importance of this rule enough. Humans do not like it when you jump on them. In general, they don’t like it when you attempt to retrieve food in an aggressive manner. Barking is both annoying and useless. It’s not like they know what we’re saying anyway so don’t disrupt the entire Thanksgiving dinner.

Stand Next to the Drunk Uncle

When all else fails, I must admit this is my go-to move. We all have one. He’s slurring, he’s spitting beer everywhere. But most importantly, he’s eating sloppily. His food has made its way all over his shirt and it is continuously dropping on the floor. Just before he can pick it up, his relative makes a sports-related comment like “How bout’ them Giants?” which ultimately infuriates him. This is when you swoop in.

In all this full, it is important to remember to, eat responsibly. Dogs and humans alike should be able to identify avoidable foods for dogs such as chocolate and grapes which are extremely toxic. This Thanksgiving, stick to the safe stuff.

I hope my tips reward a fatter Thanksgiving for all you canines. 

Happy begging!

5 Rescues To Follow on Social Media

We all have the same morning routine. We wake up, and before we even get out of bed, we mindlessly scroll through endless content posted on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We curate our platforms by adding/deleting friends and liking/following pages so we are only bothered by what we are interested in. My Facebook feed, which I check every morning, is partially composed of charming photos of the adoptable animals in my local shelter’s holding. Hoping they will reach someone interested in adopting, my local shelter adds a caption of each animal, essentially advertising their wonderful qualities. Every day, I notice overwhelmingly positive support on posts like these, not only from locals of those shelters but social media users around the world as well. 

After doing a little digging, I’ve found so many wonderful rescues/shelters who have put an extensive amount of work into representing their great animals properly on social media. Here are some of my favorites, that I will now be following on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Best Friends Animal Society

Starting off with a dedicated no-kill sanctuary, Best Friends Animal Society is sure to update its followers daily of adorable dogs they’ve saved, often detailing the hard work of their acclaimed staff. This photo of the previously injured but now rockstar Bono is one of my favorites.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC

Located in New York City, this organization posts the incredible transformations many rescue dogs go through after they are first discovered in poor condition. They are also incredibly detailed about the personality’s of their dogs, just check out this post on Polly, a beautiful retriever mix.

Sweet Paws Rescue

Sweet Paws Rescue has posted over 600 professional portraits of adorable doggies up for adoption. Just look at this one of sweet Mabel, who has been looking for a fur-ever home for 6 months.

Homeward Trails Rescue

This rescue is known for saving cats and dogs alike from under-resourced shelters. We can’t forget our kitty friends, just look at this beautiful spooky 6-month-old Mini Wheat. If you’re a fan of Halloween, this rescue has been posting their animals in a lot of cute Halloween get-ups.

Susie’s Senior Dogs

Susie’s Senior Dogs has over 310k followers on Instagram. They specialize in providing homes for/promoting the adoption of senior dogs, who are often overlooked in the adoption process. This is Utley, an adorable senior bulldog, who is actually a puppy at heart.

Every morning, I notice how successful social media is at providing an advertising platform for shelters and rescues. It becomes even more evident in each “Hi I’m interested in adopting!” comment I see in each up-for-adoption post. Many rescues now rely on popular platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to share stories of the animals up for adoption. You, in particular, may not be looking for a new furry companion, but just by clicking ‘share’ on a cute snap of a pup, you can help them find a potential home.

Barking In Style: A Dog’s Fall Fashion Favorites

It’s a chilly Friday morning. The time is 8:32 am, almost time for your morning poop. The grass is green, the birds are chirping, and your neighbor that threatens you every time you pee on their lawn is inside. Your owner rolls out of bed, changes into their outside clothes, and secures your leash. Then, just when things are seemingly perfect, your owner reaches into the closet and there it is — the puffy coat from hell.

My owner clearly doesn’t know how to dress me. To help others avoid similar public embarrassment, I’ve decided to compile a list of the dog world’s top five fall fashion trends.

Chewy Adidog Track Suit $10.99


These three stripes are ruling the fashion industry right now and this trendy get up on Chewy is only $10.99, a steal for both active dogs and resident lazy pups (like myself) who wear activewear just for fun.

Ralph Lauren Cotton Pique Polo Shirt $45.00

Collared Shirts

Collared shirts seem to be the epitome of style right now and this Ralph Lauren Cotton Pique Polo Shirt is great for any occasion. But if you’re like me, and you don’t have $45 to spend on a polo shirt, opt for a more affordable option, like this version I found on Amazon. 

Etsy Fall Dog Bandanas $5.00

Fall Themed Bandanas

Trends come and go but bandanas will never be out of style. They are and always will be the key accessory that pulls every outfit together. This season, I’m loving these handmade Fall Dog Bandanas on Etsy. They have patterns ranging from pumpkins to one’s decorated with Snoopy.

Dog Australia Waterproof Boots $14.99

Dog Australia Boots

This formerly popular human brand may be out for our owners but definitely in for us dogs. The Dog Australia Waterproof Boots are perfect for that rainy fall night when you don’t feel like getting those paws in the mud. Pair these boots with a nice raincoat like this one from Petco or for you lady dogs, style them with a cute mute tone dress. 

Amazon KOOLTAIL Plaid Hoodie $18.99

Plaid Anything

Plaid is a staple pattern this Autumn, and when put together with my favorite clothing item- a hoodie, I always feel comfortable in my fur. Tall, short, four legs, three legs, whatever it may be, this KOOLTAIL Plaid Hoodie for Dogs was built for anybody. 

Always remember, these are just my personal picks for the Fall season. Wear what makes you happy. Confidence is always on trend! But whatever you do: do not let the humans dress you. Learn from my mistakes. After all, this is the kind of stuff they put on the runway:

How to Avoid a Ruff Bath Time for Your New Rescue

“Baths suck.”

— My dog.

I’ll never forget the day I met my rescue dog, Lex. As he jumped out of the car, I instantly noticed his floppy ears, excited little scamper, and, of course…his wretched smell. I remember not knowing what to do with this dog and his smelly coat that was now my responsibility. I had never bathed a dog before, let alone one that nervously skids across the floor at the sound of the faucet turning on. We’re now about 72 baths into our relationship and he still looks at me like I’m a monster when I gather his pup-friendly shampoo and signature ratty towel. But I think we’ve solidified a bath time routine that makes the experience a little easier, one that ensures he gets in and out as quickly as possible with minimal stress (for both of us).

Unfortunately for all of owners, dogs don’t hop in the tub and bathe themselves. And dealing with bath time anxiety may be difficult and confusing, especially for new rescue dog owners. So, to make it a little easier, here are 6 quick tips that will help you make sure your pup is stress-free during bath time:


Rewards are the easiest way to reduce your dog’s bathtime stress. Rescue dogs, in particular, may need a little incentive to encourage and maintain good behavior. However, if you do give them any treats, make sure you provide them time to eat as rushing them or continuing to bathe them while they are munching could cause further nervousness and vomiting.


Opt for a warm water temperature. When starting the bath, don’t turn the faucet on entirely as the sudden rushing of water may scare your pup. Instead, try turning it on halfway, using a cup to continuously pour water onto them. You may close the door of the room you’re in to trap heat if your pup gets cold.

Don’t Leave Them Alone

Leaving your dog unattended in the bathtub or sink will induce anxiety. Be prepared for your pup’s bath by collecting all necessary items beforehand such as shampoo and conditioner, towels, brushes, etc. and holding them nearby.

Emotional Support

It’s easy to get aggravated when your pup wiggles around or attempts to escape. Instead, be patient, a few pets on the head will ease their nervousness and encourage good behavior. Make it even more entertaining with selected dog friendly playlists. “Who’s a good boy?” can get old after a while.


Focus on slow motions when rubbing in and rinsing out the shampoo. Take your time.  Think of it as a relaxing massage. When rinsing, try not to get water in their eyes; this may irritate them and provoke anxiety. However, do make sure you rinse your pup thoroughly because residue from shampoo can lead to irritated and dry skin.


After carefully removing your pup from the tub, set them down on a bath mat or towel to avoid slipping. Now that they’re on the ground, they may try to make a run for it. However, no matter the battle, it is essential to remain patient and dry thoroughly. Leaving any fur wet may cause hot spots on the coat.

Of all tips, it is most important to pay attention to your dog’s behavior.  Every dog is different. And for our just rescued pups, undergoing that initial transition into your home is stressful enough, therefore tailoring your bath time routine to fit their needs will make a big difference for them.